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The Interflour Group was established in 2005 with the acquisition of 6 flour mills across Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Since then the business has expanded with the purchase of flour mills in Indonesia and Vietnam and the construction of a new flour mill in the Philippines. Interflour is a leading flour miller in the Southeast Asian region with 9 flour mills operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines with a total wheat milling capacity of 6,870 metric tonnes per day and capable of supplying approximately 1.8 million metric tonnes of flour per annum to the growing South-East Asian market. Alongside flour, Interflour has diversified into malt production and extended its business along the supply chain with grain storage and port services.

The Interflour Group's head office in Singapore coordinates bulk grain purchases and shipping logistics from sources around the globe, ensuring that the best quality grain is purchased and supplied to our mills.

With 9 flour mills strategically located throughout Southeast Asia, Interflour can provide just-in-time flour and malt deliveries to domestic markets as well as a wide range of export destinations. 

Interflour produces flour for every application including high protein, medium protein and general purpose flour. We help our customers find the best specification to meet their needs for bread, biscuits, cakes, instant, wet and dry noodles. As well as flour for food, we also provide flour for animal feed including aqua-feed, bran pollard and pellets. Interflour’s product range caters to all customers with 1kg consumer packs, 25kg and 50kg bags as well as bulk orders delivered by container, tanker or ship. Consumers can purchase our 1kg packs from wet and modern markets, convenience stores and supermarkets in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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